KE-ZU | Environmental Stance

KE-ZU is dedicated to supplying products that are not only the pinnacle of beautiful design, they ensure the sustainability of our precious resources.

KE-ZU is proud to be accredited by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) for its expansive range of furniture collections from Axona-Aichi, Andreu World, Sancal, Enea, and Bernhardt Design. All are perfect examples of where great design meets global responsibility. The GECA label is recognized by architects, manufacturers, designers and building industry professionals as the leading whole-of-life-cycle labelling program in Australia.
KE-ZU work closely with their manufacturers to ensure the correct manufacturing practices are in place to achieve this level of certification. This same commitment is continued to the end of a product’s life cycle, KE-ZU undertakes to take back products and refurbish/re-use, or dispose of, or recycle in an environmentally friendly manner.
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