Why does Biomimicry inspire us?

Biomimicry inspires us because nature inspires us. Biomimicry is all about learning from nature, its structure, function and how it has worked and survived over thousands of years.

All around the world, architects and designers are using turning to biomimicry for inspiration and are creating amazing structures.

Michael Pawlyn is an Architect who takes cues from nature to make new, sustainable architectural environments. Michael believes that through this form of architecture a functional revolution can occur with an increase in resource efficiency, a shift to closed-lopped systems. Transforming the negative use of the fossil fuel economy to a solar economy all through watching the natural world and understanding its process.

An example of biomimicry is bricks made from bacteria and cement derived from the reef building process of coral. It's about benefiting and learning from nature not destroying it.


The above photo is the Vertebrae Staircase by Andrew McConnell. Image courtesy of Andrew McConnell.

Inspired by the spine of a whale, the Vertebrae Staircase is not simply mimicry of organic form but an exploration in shaping structure. Much of the design work went into refining the single component, or vertebra, that mate with each other creating a unified spine running from floor plate to floor plate. These interlocking vertebrae create a rigid and self-supporting structure.