Sponsor Feature: Smart, stylish and sustainable — introducing Brightgreen’s new LED Surface Series.

Melbourne-based premium LED lighting company Brightgreen has launched a new collection of minimalist surface-mounted designs. The range includes petite, surface-mount, flexi-mount, track and pendant fittings — giving homeowners the chance to tailor unique lighting plans while maintaining continuity in their design.

As part of the Brightgreen’s mission to defy planned obsolescence, Surface Series lights have exceptionally long product lifetimes. Each of the luminaires provide up to 70,000hrs of light, the equivalent of approximately 30yrs on average daily use. The five designs all feature simple, easy-to-install mounting plates — eliminating the need for cutouts and gaps in insulation —giving users the additional benefit of increased home thermal efficiency.

Combining sustainable design with superb quality, Surface Series lights use Tru-Colour technology to enhance the appearance of skin tones, interior colours and design details. The entire collection is free from heavy metals, including hexavalent chromium, mercury and lead, which are found in CFL lights and other LED lights.

Learn more about how the Surface Series can add to your design and increase your home energy ratings at Brightgreen.com