Ethical interior products are important

”To achieve sustainable development and a higher quality of life for all people, states should reduce and eliminate unsustainable patterns of production and consumption…”
Principle 8, Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, 1992

To be effective in creating change, it is essential to make it part of our everyday life. We have the power of choice and positive choices can trigger wider movement within communities to make ethically conscious decisions.

Ethical interior products are made by workers in good conditions who are paid properly for their time. Even better when the products are made from recycled or upcycled materials and are long lasting.

There are some companies that work with communities to create jobs, whilst investing in a product and cleaning up the surrounding environment. A perfect example of this is a company that works with local communities to make products made out of unused or old fishing nets that are often left in the ocean.

Purchase interior products that you love, have minimal impact on our environment, encourages fair trade and harnesses better working conditions. Remember to always ask the sales people if their products are low impact and, if so, ask them to provide proof!